we’re gina + tony. once upon a time in a magical land known as “upstate new york,” we met and fell in love at a college party. (unless gina’s mom is reading this, in which case we met at the library.) gina likes to laugh at her own jokes, and tony is a wee bit of a news junkie. in short, we’re perfect for each other.

after shooting our first wedding, we were immediately hooked. we’re suckers for a good love story. plus, we get to hang out with couples on one of the best days of their lives! it really doesn’t get much better than that.

we truly believe we have the best jobs in the world. we think every couple should be treated like a rockstar on their wedding day. and we work like crazy to make sure that you have the best photos to remember it by.

 us          family

here are some more random facts about us! pay attention – there will be a quiz.

• we met in college in poughkeepsie, new york. since then we’ve lived in new york, italy, new jersey and illinois!
• we got engaged in italy, and went back for our wedding. it was fantastic.
• we’re complete nerds who love sci fi, movies with explosions, and harry potter.
• we give each other high fives way too often.
• tony likes video games. gina likes family trees.
• we have a daughter named zoe and a son named pete. affectionately referred to as z+p.
• we have a goldendoodle named caesar. he’s an 80lb ball of fluff that rivals the size of a small horse.
• we love traveling. we will go anywhere, anytime. just say the word.
• we are wannabe foodies. food blogs are our greatest weakness.