christine&ryan|engaged // pottawatomie park, st charles

christine&ryan found us by way of one of our favorite couples, tina&charlie. i just love how our network is growing! we hit up the fantastic pottawotamie park (try saying that 3 times fast!) that runs right along the waterfront in st. charles. and in true chicago fashion, the wind was as blustery as ever!

but i won’t lie – my absolute favorite part of this session was the adorableness that is their dog bailey. she is hands down one of the sweetest dogs i’ve ever met, and completely attached to christine&ryan! as gorgeous as these two are together, i have to say miss bailey might have just stolen the show! we’re so pumped for their october 2011 wedding!

and sidenote: we LOOOOVE when people bring their pets to sessions!! please bring your dogs so i can play with them! 😀

isn’t she fantastic? by the end of the session she was a total pro.

this was miss bailey’s favorite place to be. smack dab between mom and dad and wherever they were standing!

song credit: she will be loved by maroon 5

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  • Linda

    on October 4, 2010  2:50 pm

    Love the DOG! Excellent addition

  • Lisa Tarlow

    on October 4, 2010  3:50 pm

    Thank you Gina & Tony for answering my wishes - love the pictures - I'm so excited for Christine & Ryan and you are so very right Bailey is the "Best" dog ever!!!

  • Jeff Tarlow

    on October 4, 2010  5:34 pm

    Great pictures!!!!

  • Matthew Tarlow

    on October 4, 2010  5:35 pm

    Really like your pictures - and great job Bailey:)

  • Bridget

    on October 4, 2010  6:44 pm

    Super cute guys!! Love you Christine and I am so excited for you guys!! You will make a beautiful bride and your dog is so cute

  • Ralph S

    on October 4, 2010  8:46 pm

    beautiful Christine and Ryan - Congrats!

  • Vince P

    on October 4, 2010  8:47 pm

    I love the pictures - bailey is adorable

  • Jerry M.

    on October 4, 2010  8:49 pm

    Nice pictures sis - congrats!

  • Vicki Mohrbacher

    on October 4, 2010  8:56 pm

    Very happy for you both - the pictures are beautiful!

  • Debbie Brown

    on October 4, 2010  9:11 pm

    Beautiful pictures!!!! Beautiful couple. I am so excited. Am having a hard time choosing. Love them all!!!

  • Christine

    on October 4, 2010  9:17 pm

    Thanks Everyone! My absolute favorite is Bailey squeezed between our legs!

  • Erin B

    on October 4, 2010  9:46 pm

    i love these soooo two are absolutely adorable!

  • Shannon

    on October 4, 2010  9:52 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!! You two are gorgeous!

  • Nicholas S

    on October 4, 2010  10:44 pm

    WOW Chris -great pics!

  • Diana R

    on October 4, 2010  11:15 pm

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! I love the ones with Bailey!

  • Vince W.

    on October 5, 2010  7:28 am


  • S. Brown

    on October 5, 2010  7:29 am

    Great pictures!!

  • Holly R

    on October 5, 2010  7:30 am

    Good luck! Love the pictures!

  • Ryan Brown

    on October 5, 2010  8:12 am

    Thanks Gina and Tony, pictures turned out great. Looks like Bailey stole the spotlight!!

  • Kathleen Oates

    on October 5, 2010  9:39 am

    Great Pictures! Congratulations!

  • Steve Baer

    on October 5, 2010  9:48 am

    What wonderful shots of the married couple to be. Christine, we've never met, but I work with Ryan. You are truly blessed to have Ryan become a part of your life. All the best, and may you both savor your time together.

  • c.nelson

    on October 5, 2010  10:08 am

    Great pics!! Bubba's thoughts during photoshoot may have been something like this,
    "I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is. "

    Congrats! Enjoy the wedding ride!

  • Patrick

    on October 5, 2010  10:26 am

    Love those pictures of Bailey. Who is the couple in the background? Haha. Jk. Pictures are awesome. You two look amazing! I am so happy for you both.

  • Becky Skehan-Passie

    on October 5, 2010  10:33 am

    Beautiful! Shannon sent me the link. Love the cover w/ your little pup out in front! So cute!

  • Kevin

    on October 5, 2010  10:46 am

    Awesome pics! Cant wait for the wedding

  • Bridget Brown

    on October 5, 2010  10:54 am

    A beautiful new addition to the Brown family! Congrats you two! Love ya!

  • Joanna White

    on October 5, 2010  11:02 am

    Love the pictures! Great black and whites! Congratulations again.

  • Beth Macrito

    on October 5, 2010  11:08 am

    Absolutely beautiful photos...I cried watching the video!

  • Kenny Christensen

    on October 5, 2010  11:18 am

    Great pictures guys. I can't wait until the big day.

  • Jen B

    on October 5, 2010  11:43 am

    soo excited for you both! Beautiful pics!!

  • Michelle Brown

    on October 5, 2010  1:32 pm

    Great pictures! Your dog is adorable! Can't wait for the wedding and for Christine to be part of our family!

  • Pops

    on October 5, 2010  6:49 pm

    Congratulations Bubba & Christine! I have a hard time realizing it's you with everyone calling you Ryan!!

    God Bless and keep you both in the palm of His hand!!

    Welcome to the Kelly Klan Christine!

  • Patricia Pal

    on October 5, 2010  7:33 pm

    Great pictures they are seriously all so adorable & i love your dog!!!!

    ps hope you get the free 8x10 ;)

  • Nonnie

    on October 6, 2010  5:59 am

    You two are just the cutest - Love ya both

  • Heather P

    on October 6, 2010  1:45 pm

    Bubba & Christine you are the cutest. The pictures turned out great, I love them all especially the ones with your dog. Congratulations

  • Paul P

    on October 6, 2010  1:46 pm

    Bubba - you guys look great! Congrats

  • Bob Hoffman

    on October 6, 2010  2:00 pm

    The video and music were just simply OUTSTANDING. Bubba --- this is just YOU !!!! and Christine, you know we love you --- you are such a great dancer that DANCING WITH THE STARS should just MOVE OVER !!!!!

    That rock must be four carrots !!!!

    Can't wait until the wedding. This will be a fun one !!!

  • Cheryl Hoffman

    on October 6, 2010  2:02 pm

    Bubba and Christine --- you make such a great looking couple, how could the pictures turn out to be anything but GREAT !!!!

    Congratulations !!!!

  • Melissa Pettrone

    on October 6, 2010  2:07 pm

    Oh My gosh are you two ever so cute! What a cute dog too!

  • Meagan Brown

    on October 7, 2010  12:10 am

    The pictures look great - looks like you guys had so much fun with it! Can't wait for the wedding and for Christine to be part of the fam, congrats both of you :-)

  • Brian Brown

    on October 7, 2010  10:36 pm

    Awesome pics! Sorry Katy and I missed the bash but we cant wait for the big day! The first Brown wedding not in Vegas! :)

  • Aunt Pam

    on October 9, 2010  12:03 pm

    Ryan & Christine,
    I am very happy for both of you, congrats. Can't wait for the big day. Bailey is a lucky dog to have you two.
    Love you both

  • Cindy McNamara

    on December 9, 2011  11:23 am

    You two have done a beautiful job taking these pictures, but I'm sure it was easy because of the amazing couple who posed for these breathtaking pictures. Thank you for sharing~

  • Ken & Kendell

    on December 14, 2011  12:41 am

    Ryan and Christine,
    Great Pictures andhave a Merry Christmas!

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