April 8, 2021

Comcast Service Level Agreement

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For the voice. The language is terminated when your phone number is changed to another service provider for Connecticuts residents. In the event of a television interruption of more than twenty-four (24) consecutive hours and of which we have received an actual notification, a credit will be issued on your monthly service fee for the duration of the TV. 4. Unpaid equipment costs. “Unreturned Equipment Fee” refers to a fee charged by Comcast to a subscriber for unretated Xfinity equipment at the end of services provided under this agreement. The payment of an unturned equipment tax does not lead to the sale or transfer of ownership of Xfinity Equipment, and this equipment remains the property of Comcast, and Comcast reserves ownership of Xfinity Equipment at any time. Comcast does not in any way forego ownership (including ownership of) Xfinity Equipment by paying an unrepoken equipment tax. Even if an unturned equipment tax has been paid, Xfinity Equipment cannot be resold, used or operated in any way. If you pay unredeated equipment and then return the device, your unredeated equipment costs will be refunded in full. d. Alternative billing agreements. We may accept the provision of billing services on behalf of third parties.

Such taxes must be paid by third parties under a contract or other agreement between you and the third party. We are not responsible for disputes over these costs between you and those third parties. Xfinity services are available to you, as well as to anyone who uses Xfinity service and/or equipment (“you” or “you”) under the terms and conditions defined in this Agreement (the “Contract”) and at all rates, service guides, guidelines and procedures issued by an operating subsidiary or associated company of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC that offer such a service (“Comcast,” “we,” “we” or “ours” For the purposes of this contract, “affiliate” means any organization that jointly controls, controls or controls Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. Services include cable television and other video broadcasting services (“TV”), Internet Xfinity (“Internet”), Xfinity Voice (“Voice”) and other services that Comcast may designate as ancillary services for television, internet or voice services (each a “service” and together “services”). The services provided under this Agreement do not include Xfinity Home, Xfinity Mobile Services, own or controlled Comcast websites that have their own terms of use and the policies to which these sites may be accessed. a. Application. The limitations of liability described in this section apply to acts, omissions and negligence on the part of us and our underlying third parties, agents, suppliers, distributors, licensees and business partners (and their executives, agents, agents, contractors or agents) who, but for this provision, would give rise to a contract action, unlawful act or under any other legal doctrine. a. Fees, fees and taxes you have to pay. They agree to pay all service-related charges, including, but not limited, to installation, service calls, monthly service, Xfinity equipment (as defined below), purchases or rents or other services, as measured and by calling applicable (but determined) federal and local fees, taxes, at all municipal, government or government expenses.

Fees and fees for recovery of authorized costs or programs in which we participate, including, but not limited, public access, education and public service, universal service, telecommunications relay services for the hearing impaired, access rights and assistance programs to the 911/E911 system, as well as all fees or payment obligations imposed by public or quasi-governmental organizations for the sale , the installation, use or provision of services.