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fun facts

I know, I know, I promised you all an "About Us" page, and it's coming don't worry. Thing is, we don't really have pictures of the two of us (I know... photographers that don't have pictures of thems...

I know, I know, I promised you all an “About Us” page, and it’s coming don’t worry. Thing is, we don’t really have pictures of the two of us (I know… photographers that don’t have pictures of themselves – so cliche). So until we figure out a way to take pictures of ourselves (and we will!) I figured I’d give you ten fun facts about us. I promise you will be entertained.

10. Gina & Tony are engaged (and have been for like, two and a half years…) and are (finally) getting married on October 9, in Florence, Italy!

9. We have a cat named Martini, who we’re pretty sure is the coolest pet in the world and we treat her like a child. We also have a turtle named Squirt who’s pretty neglected in the love category, and frankly we’re just shocked he still has the will to live on. (He’s a pretty awesome turtle though… as far as turtles go.)

8. We both work full-time during the week in the advertising industry. Tony works in print, and I help make TV commercials. Right now we’re only doing photography on a part time basis during the weekends. In fact, most of the time it feels like we work 7 days a week (which we pretty much do), but we really do love photography that much.

7. Tony loves video games. I’m pretty sure if anyone ever made him choose between me and video games, I would win, but it would probably take him awhile to make that decision. 🙂

6. I have worked in wedding videography AND in a bridal shop. I’ve seen almost every type of bride and wedding and I loved (almost!) every bit of it. And while we’re on that topic – yes, you really do have to order your wedding gown 2-3 sizes larger, because yes, those are the real size charts, and yes, that really is way too much money to spend on a veil.

5. I can’t cook. Luckily, Tony’s quite good at it!

4. We are huge geeks. We love Stargate and Battlestar Galactica and anything that has a superhero in it. We also love movies and practically live at Blockbuster since we don’t have cable. That’s right – it’s bunny ears for our TV.

3. We’re gadget-holics. If it’s shiny and has buttons and pretty lights, we want it.

2. We. Love. To. Travel.

1. Sorry folks, this one’s sappy. We absolutely love taking pictures of people. We love the planning, we love the process, and we even love the post-work! It’s just a great feeling when we look back at the shots we took and really feel like we captured something real. And it’s awesome to know that you trust us with something so important!

I hope you all enjoyed our little spiel. And because what’s a blog post without a pictures? Here’s one I took at a farmer’s market the last time we were in Delaware. Mmmm, strawberries.

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