highland, ny

jordan’s graduating college! marist college, to be exact. which, for those of you who didn’t know, is the same school tony and i went to. so of course, jordan is already awesome by association. but he’d be pretty awesome even if he didn’t go to marist.

so to celebrate jordan’s collegiate accomplishments, we took some spiffy new photos of him. i have to say, he looks quite dashing in them. 🙂

but the best part was when jordan’s amazingly adorable girlfriend lauren joined us! these two make such a cute couple, and i couldn’t resist dragging them to the vineyard across the street. the light was PERFECT. if i had to pick one place in the world to take photos at for the rest of my life, it would be this place. check them out!

absolute favorite.

stay tuned for some equally awesome photos of jordan’s whole family! (and yes, they’re ALL as amazingly attractive as he is. hehehe.)



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  • Theresa

    on May 20, 2009  2:11 pm

    OK, first of all I LOVE your site!

    If I were a HS girl, I SO would have had a crush on him :)

    LOOOOVVVEEE the last one, and the one of him by the fence...Such a stud!

  • Ayesha

    on May 20, 2009  2:19 pm

    OOO I like these... his gf is so fabulous too! I heart picture 1 and the sunglasses shot!

  • Miguel Mayo

    on May 20, 2009  3:39 pm

    Cool, 2 sessions in one, cute couple and the images came out so natural, I do like the way you processed the pictures!

  • Mariah

    on May 20, 2009  3:50 pm

    Ooooh these are awesome! I love that last one too. Amazing light. They are all great!

  • tami

    on May 20, 2009  4:45 pm

    wow, what an adorable couple - these shots are fantastic and a very cute blog indeed!

  • Annie Warren

    on May 20, 2009  6:08 pm

    Wow.... these are sublime. The light, colors, expressions ....everything. Not to mention this guy is seriously cute.(oops, did I say that out loud?) LOVE the one of him on the wire fence and the BW of the 2 of them walking.

  • Nancy

    on May 20, 2009  7:23 pm

    Great pictures! I absolutely love them! Handsome guy, cute couple.

  • Lydia

    on May 20, 2009  8:33 pm

    Love those last two!!

  • Frank DiMeo

    on May 20, 2009  10:49 pm

    He looks like a young Ray Boom Boom Mancini. I like the variety. Awesome how you added Lauren into it too!

  • Becka @ Studio222 Photography

    on May 21, 2009  11:25 am

    Seniors? I swear, every year seniors look older and older. By the time I have kids, and they're seniors, they're gonna look 30. LOL.

    Seriously great shots though. I'm sure he loves them!!!

  • Sylvia Borgo

    on May 21, 2009  11:07 pm

    LOVE! Great images! What a fun couple!

  • Jen Schleicher

    on May 24, 2009  10:42 am

    He is a character, isn't he?? Artistic and fun shots. I am sure he (and his girlfriend) LOVE them! Great job!!